For large casting and machined component suppliers, superior performance within a market is achieved when capabilities match customer requirements and they are aligned with business strategy and the desire to continuously improve.

Our flexible manufacturing processes make it possible to not only serve but excel in multiple industries including agriculture, oil and gas, off-highway, and mining, to name a few. While each industry differs in its requirements, by understanding applications down to the user level, we position ourselves in markets that match our unique capabilities. Many factors can drive activity and the needs of markets, including material and design requirements, end user characteristics, equipment trends, competitive forces, the impact of technology, environmental requirements, and scarcity. Increasing the understanding of the continuously changing requirements of each market helps Calco identify new opportunities to help customers increase profitability.


Feeding the world is no small task. Add to it the demand for alternative fuels like ethanol, and agriculture is one of the most dynamic industries in the world.Increasing year-over-year productivity has been the trademark of the agricultural industry for decades. The producers rely on the equipment providers to drive improvements in scale and quality. We supply large iron-machined components critical to the structures that make increasing scale a reality in this growing industry. Increasing scale means larger equipment and the need for structural components that meet design requirements for reduced weight and increased strength.To succeed as a casting supplier long-term in this fast-paced industry requires the ability and willingness to collaborate on design changes and participate in new products that feed the growth and changing demands of this industry.

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HVAC & Compressors

The best air conditioners and chillers in the world are produced in North America, and Calco supports this effort by consistently supplying thousands of castings to this industry each year.Most castings produced for HVAC are used in pressure applications, making iron integrity an absolute necessity. We’ve built our reputation on iron integrity, and the HVAC market is an example of ongoing success.As this market continues to evolve, serving OEMs goes beyond just supplying quality castings. Continually adding value includes executing just-in-time manufacturing, and the expertise and willingness to participate in productivity improvements and product development.We’ve met and exceeded the requirements of OEMs in this industry for decades. And we’re committed to maintaining and improving the processes necessary to meet the requirements of the HVAC market now and into the future.

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Oil & Gas

Freedom is about open spaces – and the roads connecting cities and towns across the country. The thirst for freedom, mobility, and space creates demand for fuel that can only be satisfied by the pumping, processing, and transporting of oil. The ready supply of fuel powers a strong America, and we help create the equipment necessary to allow the continued increase in production.Casting integrity, including meeting metal specifications and understanding critical areas, are success factors when supplying castings or machined components to this industry. Components for pumps require hours of uninterrupted service to maximize output, while compressors require pure iron for jacketed and pressure cavities.Castings for this industry are characterized by bulk, toughness, durability and integrity. Whether castings are used for pumping, processing, or transporting oil, we’re ready to meet the daily need for reliable castings and machined components that meet or exceed specifications over the long haul.

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Off Highway

Whether it’s mining minerals, mining oil sands, or large-scale excavating, off-highway trucks make it possible to optimize the utilization of the world’s resources or reshape the earth. Cast parts for these huge vehicles are put to the test and must be durable to perform in a variety of climates that are often extreme.Calco excels at supplying large grey and ductile iron castings designed for strength and wear resistance to the off-highway industries. We produce hundreds of large castings each year that consistently meet or exceed the needs of this industry.

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Calco has supported the North American paper industry for more than a century. We’ve built a legacy as both a leading manufacturer of machine components – such as gears, pulleys, dryer heads, and clutch rings – and a value-added provider of engineering and field services.Through extensive expertise with this evolving industry, we remain a premier producer of castings and machined components for the paper industry. This stems both from the quality of our products and also the technical support and timely responses we’ve long been known for.Today through a key partnership with Paperchine, our long-time customers have a direct link to our products through the leading source for paper machine technology, engineering, and service dedicated exclusively to the paper industry.

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Power – Gas Turbines

When it comes to meeting the world’s need for reliable, flexible power, gas turbines top the list for efficient, clean power generation.Extreme precision, specialized materials and leading-edge engineering define the continual innovation and push for greater performance in the turbine products. Manufacturers equipped with technology, expertise, and world-class facilities transfer these high standards to supplier partners, who are an important link in producing state-of-the-art turbines.With rotation speeds that can exceed 1000 mph, every piece in a gas turbine is critical. We produce every component for this industry with that in mind. To ensure the highest levels of quality, we participate in and lead the lengthy approval process essential to creating and solidifying the long-term consistency of our products.Gas turbines are a proven, reliable, efficient, and low-emissions source of power expected to fulfill much of the new demand for energy.

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Power – Wind

The rising costs of energy, the environmental impact of fossil fuels, and concerns about nuclear power have driven the development of renewable sources of energy. North American demand for energy exceeds Europe and Asia, yet most of the world’s wind turbines are still produced in Europe and Asia.Calco is an important partner to the growing North American wind energy industry. Manufacturers design wind turbines with performance, liability, and maintenance costs in mind, which leads to engineered irons with very specific strength characteristics, or impact resistance, throughout the casting. We leverage our longstanding precision melt practices and iron integrity to provide iron that consistently meets the special iron specifications developed primarily in Europe.As the demand for energy in North America continues to grow along with the desire to provide renewable alternatives, we will be an important supplier of complex engineered irons to this industry.

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Growth, development, and technology rely on the ability to efficiently draw resources from the earth. Elements, precious metals, and aggregate are the most fundamental building blocks of developing and prosperous countries around the world, and a ready supply of these materials moves the quality of life forward.Mining equipment companies have the ongoing challenge of taming the most rugged environments and end-use applications that are common to this industry. Robust designs, the understanding of material strengths, and the specific needs for hardness and durability are essential in the design of equipment and component parts. Materials must meet the specific design requirements and, in the case of iron components, we have provided castings and machined components that have met or exceeded requirements to this industry for decades.High-alloy irons, thick sections, and exacting specifications are characteristics of the component parts we deliver daily to equipment companies challenged with increasing productivity in the most demanding applications in order to feed the world’s need for mineral resources.

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Water is the world’s most valuable resource, and managing the demand requires effectively delivering, recovering, and treating it for reuse. The performance of the elaborate municipal infrastructure systems relies on large components like pumps, valves, and meters to move, divert, and measure flow.We provide the special support that allows our water industry partners to be successful as demand driven by aging infrastructure continues in the coming years. Our capabilities match well with producing the large iron component parts of the infrastructure. Yet to serve this industry goes beyond providing large, thick-sectioned and core-intensive castings. Flexible lead-times, coordinating on-site inspections, detailed non-destructive testing procedures, and extensive documentation are all part of the support services that we provide to serve OEMs in this industry.

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Specialty Machinery & General Industrial

By turning ideas and raw materials into affordable quality iron products, the C.A. Lawton Company enables equipment manufacturers the ability to offer high-quality solutions at competitive prices. Specialty machinery manufacturers, such as machine tool builders and niche equipment producers, require precision components such as machine bases, hydraulic cylinders, pulleys, cable drums, fly-wheels and motor housings. These highly engineered products are difficult to produce and require the right solution provider.

At the C.A. Lawton Company, we understand that equipment manufacturers have two main objectives in running their business – increasing sales and decreasing costs. Understanding this fundamental perspective, we strive to address this need in three specific ways:

  • We provide the maximum amount of technical and pre-production support possible.
  • We deliver industry-leading results in terms of on-time delivery, supplied quality, customer service, and value-per-pound.
  • We have developed capabilities that can provide turn-key solutions including pattern-making, castings, machining, and other value-added services.
  • We bolster these core solutions with the unique approach that we take responsibility for a key part of your business. The C.A. Lawton products and services are available to help you achieve your objectives and become even more successful.

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